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Center for Hierarchical Waste Form Materials


K.S. Brinkman
An Interdisciplinary View of Interfaces Perspectives Regarding Emergent Phase Formation
Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
2018, Volume 15, Issue 1 (pg. 011003) 

 C.A. Juillerat, E.E. Moore, V. Kocevski, T.M. Besmann, H.-C. zur Loye
A Family of Layered Phosphates Crystallizing in a Rare Geometrical Isomer of the Phosphuranylite Topology: Synthesis, Characterization, and Computational Modeling of A4[(UO2)3O2(PO4)2] (A = alkali metals) Exhibiting Intra-layer Ion Exchange 
Inorganic Chemistry
2018, Volume 57, Issue 8 (pgs. 4726-4738)

K.A. Pace, V. Kocevski, S.G. Karakalos, G. Morrison, T.M. Besmann, H.-C. zur Loye
Na2(UO2)(BO3): An All Uranium(V) Borate Synthesized Under Mild Hydrothermal Conditions 
Inorganic Chemistry
2018, Volume 57, Issue 8 (pgs. 4244-4247)

C.A. Juillerat, E.E. Moore, V. Kocevski, T.M. Besmann, H.-C. zur Loye
Observation of An Unusual Uranyl Cation-Cation Interaction in the Strongly Fluorescent Layered Uranyl Phosphates Rb6[(UO2)7O4(PO4)4] and Cs6[(UO2)7O4(PO4)4]
Inorganic Chemistry
2018, Volume 57, Issue 7 (pgs. 3675-3678)

E.A. Dolgopolova,  A.M. Rice, N.B. Shustova
Actinide-based MOFs: A Middle Ground in Solution and Solid-State Structural Motifs
Chemical Communications 
2018, (DOI:10.1039/C7CC09780H)

G.G. Li, M. Sun, E. Villarreal, S. Pandey, S. Phillpot, H. Wang
Galvanic Replacement-Driven Transformations of Atomically Intermixed Bimetallic Colloidal Nanocrystals: Effects of Compositional Stoichiometry and Structural Ordering
2018, Volume 34, Issue 14 (pgs. 4340-4350)

G.G. Li, D.A. Blom, S. Pandey, R. Koch, S. Misture, S. Phillpot, H. Wang
Overcoming the Interfacial Lattice Mismatch: Geometry Control of Gold-Nickel Bimetallic Heteronanostructures
Particle and Particle Systems Characterization
2018, Volume 35, Issue 5 (pg. 1700361)

E.A. Dolgopolova, O.A. Ejegbavwo, C.R. Martin, M.D. Smith, W. Setyawan, S.G. Karakalos, C.H. Henager, H.-C. zur Loye, N.B. Shustova,
Multifaceted Modularity: a Key for Stepwise Building of Hierarchical Complexity in An-MOFs
Journal of the American Chemical Society
2017, Volume 139, Issue 46 (pgs. 16852-16861)